Re: New Module Proposal. libseed

In the prior discussion, there was a lot of discussion as to GJS v. Seed.
  Since then, compatibility between the two has improved a lot, notably
with Seed adopting GJS's imports system.
At this point, most GJS code could be pretty easily ported to Seed.
Porting Seed code
to GJS might be a bit more difficult, due to some things like Seed
making pervasive use of GObject.
It is more or less possible to write code to a "least common
denominator" of the two.
In addition I believe it would be possible to port GNOME Shell to
Seed, with no more than a few days work.

So in the botton line, what make Seed more suitable than gjs? Does that mean there is a committment to only use the selected JS engine for modules in GNOME?


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