Re: Platform

Hi Shaun

Il giorno mar, 05/05/2009 alle 14.05 -0500, Shaun McCance ha scritto:

> Recommended
> ===========
> Cairo -- Incredible drawing library, used by GTK+.  There
> seems to be general agreement that developers should use
> Cairo when they need to do custom drawing.

I do not think that putting cairo (and to some lesser extent d-bus and
libxml) in the same bucket of gstreamer or e-d-s is an accurate
representation to communicate to ISDs: cairo is used by any app which is
using gtk and offers (at least afaik) the same api and abi guarantees.
It just happens to be an external dependency because its developement
extends beyond gnome and its schedule.

I feel it should be mentioned in a separate section (Foundations?) along
with xorg, xlib, fontconfig, pixman and maybe even d-bus and libxml


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