Re: new dependencies in gvfs

Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > David just merged the DeviceKit backend into gvfs, which means that
> > gvfs will now depend on gnome-disk-utility and DeviceKit-disks.
> > 
> > David will hopefully post something about some of the cool
> > things we get with this. This mail is more about the dry bureaucratic
> > aspects of this change...
> > 
> > The new dependencies are only conditional. The hal backend is still
> > there, so nobody will be rushed to switch to DeviceKit. Currently, the
> > new backend is built automatically when configure finds the necessary
> > dependencies, but there is a --en/disable-gdu option to force things.
> > 
> > I'd like to add the new dependencies to our list of external deps (and
> > to the jhbuild external-deps moduleset).
> > 
> > Comments ?

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> I, for one, would like to welcome our new disk management overlords.
> also, in reference to the gnome-utils plans I mailed to gnome-utils-list
> last month[1], I'd also say that gfloppy's life (or, better, the end
> thereof) is pretty much tied to DeviceKit-disks and gnome-disk-utility.
> hence, I'd love to get gnome-disk-utility as part of GNOME's desktop
> suite so that we can finally have a modern disk management.

I am all for DeviceKit-disks as an external dependency, but don't we
want gnome-disk-utility as part of the desktop set ?  It features many
things, notifications, Nautilus extension, awesome replacement for
gfloppy, and more, things that definitely have their place in the
desktop. Just like Emmannuel I'd love to have it in the desktop suite.

And being a whole part of the GNOME desktop was what I understood from
David announce[1] (but then I could have read too much in this):
> This will be the default volume monitor in GNOME 2.28

David, would you formally propose gnome-disk-utility for inclusion in
the GNOME Desktop Suite ?

Finally, minor technical point: it requires libsexy (for SexyUrlLabel).



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