Re: New Gnome Goals

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:42 PM, Adam Schreiber <sadam clemson edu> wrote:
> In preparation for SoC, the Gnome SoC admins have decided that in
> order to help make decisions on proposals this year, we will be
> requiring links to bugs with patches the students have written be
> submitted with their proposals.  In order to facilitate that process,
> we wanted to make sure there was plenty of low hanging fruit to grab.
> To that end, we would like to make several of the Next Gnome Goal
> Candidates [1] official Gnome Goals.  Please look at these goals over
> the next week and reply with comments so we can improve the goals as
> needed.
> The proposals to be made goals are:
>  * Update about dialogs:
>  * distcheck:
>  * Replace gnome_help and gnome_open calls with gtk_show_uri:
>  * Remove markup in translatable messages:
> [1]

Following discussion on d-d-l and a one week comment period, Update
about dialogs and Replace gnome_help and gnome_open calls have been
moved to goals in progress.


Adam Schreiber

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