Re: Dialog and ALT modifier inconsistencies.

Il giorno dom, 01/03/2009 alle 18.49 -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo ha
> Hey Jarlath,
> On 3/1/09, Jarlath Reidy <jarlathreidy gmail com> wrote:
> >
> >  Hi folks,
> >
> >  I've posted this on ubuntuforums, launchpad and somewhere else I can't
> > remember. I've been gradually pointed to this mailing list.
> >
> >  Basically, there are some inconsistencies between applications on the Gnome
> > desktop. I understand that OpenOffice is not a part of Gnome.
> >
> >From your ubuntuforums post, it seems like you found an incosistency
> between the way some GNOME apps express the same idea.
> While we can't pretend to have the exact same phrase in every dialog
> (think text document versus email draft), we can at least try to be
> consistent.
> The first thing now would be to agree on what's a better phrase for
> the action of "closing an editor and being asked on what do to with
> unsaved changes" in general, like:
>  - preserve my changes: save|save as
>  - throw away my changes: discard
>  - keep working: cancel
> If we agree on that, I think you can file bugs for all the apps you
> find using different phrases.
> Then again, we need some consensus for this, anyone? :-)

This is specified in the GNOME HIG: 
in section Save Confirmation Alerts


> thanks!
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