How to get scroll bar infromation in C?

     I hope I am posting to the proper forum. Please let me know where I should post if this is not the right one.
     I am writing a program in C and encounter a problem. I want to get the scroll bar information for an existing application such as a text file or a webpage opened in GNOME desktop. If the existing application window is the currently active window and it has scroll bars, my program needs to be able to move the mouse pointer onto the scroll bar and scroll the contents of the window up/down/left/right depending on the user choice. For example, when the user holds the 'CTRL' key and 'Right Arrow' key from the keyboard, the mouse pointer will jump from the current position to the middle of horizontal scroll bar and the window contents scroll to the right.
      Could anyone shed some light on how to use GNOME API or GTK+ to do this?

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