Re: GNOME Showstopper Review

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> Camel Disk summary meta bug
> Summary says it all, still a few regression bugs opened here

Most of the regressions (features) were committed, but as you said, we
aren't close to zero. I need to position some Maildir stuff higher prio
here than the rest. I would be closing them for GNOME 2.28.0
> Corruption of mailbox and can't expunge trash
> This has been open for 10 months and there's still no fix.

There have been multiple fixes, but unfortunate that its not completely
fixed. There is surely lapse somewhere, that we need to close in.

> Evolution is unusable in 800x600
> I wonder whether this is simply a WONTFIX and covered by Anjal now.

We probably need to position Anjal well. Its currently in gnome git. But
need to see how to position both.


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