Re: Nicer compilation output with shave or automake1.11

Does shave have specific libtool version dependency ?

Reason I'm asking is that the default version shipped with
OpenSolaris is 1.5.22 (I know quite old), and shave does not
work out of the box, and will most likely have to be patched
out by default...


Javi wrote:
Hello all,

This is my first post to the list, so hello everyone!

There is a GnomeGoal [1] to turn the usual messy output of autotools
into a pretty Kbuild-like one using shave [2].
As pointed in bug #580062 [3] , automake1.11 has a feature that do the
same as shave do. Is only necessary to add one line in your
See the GnomeGoal page for more details.

So I propose to use automake instead shave for this goal, but it'd be
great hear your opinion.
Also, if this list is not the correct place to do this, please tell me.

Best regards


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