Re: new dependencies in gvfs

On Mon, 2009-06-01 at 22:13 +0200, BJörn Lindqvist wrote:
> Here is the point, as I see it. g-d-u is proposed for inclusion in
> 2.28. 

Please read

where I've already stated upfront that the deps for gnome-disk-utility
is bleeding edge, why this is so and why that won't change.

Also note that the proposal for inclusion of gnome-disk-utility in 2.28
is dependent on this not being a problem. If it's a problem, maybe we
shouldn't consider gnome-disk-utility at all for 2.28 (I'm not in a
hurry to finish it anyway; it will see API breakage for a while).

If distros, such as Fedora, wants to use gnome-disk-utility they can
just include it themselves. And jhbuild / more conservative distros can
use the HAL GVfs backend, it works just fine. Of course there's a bunch
of features / stuff you won't get but such is life if you are using a
conservative distro.


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