The future of the gstreamer volume-control applet.

Three weeks ago I removed the gstreamer-based volume-control applet from
the gnome-applets package at the request of the gnome-media crew. I then
sat on the sidelines to see how the drama would play out. Now that the
dust seems to have settled, I have decided to accommodate people
(especially distro-people) who still don't Believe in pulseaudio. I have
reinstated the applet, but it must be explicitly enabled.

The argument for configure is --enable-mixer-applet. There are two
gotchas: the support for gstreamer 0.8 is gone, only gstreamer 0.10 is
supported (since I had to rewrite the autoconf stuff anyway, this was a
good time to do it). I have also set jhbuild to enable the mixer, so
bleeding edge people will get both forms of volume control.

I intend doing some minor cleanup on the mixer, but I do not intend
doing serious development work unless it becomes clear that the
gnome-media version is not working out (hopefully it will).

 - Callum

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