Re: GNOME 2.26 module inclusion discussion heats up

On Sun, Jan 11, 2009 at 12:10:29AM +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Ahoj,
> a reminder that module inclusion discussion must heat up now. 
> At January 19th, Module Freeze takes place: New modules and
> functionality for GNOME 2.26 will be chosen[1]. Next weekend, the GNOME
> Release Team will meet and decide about the proposed modules.
> Readers: We have already seen community input on this mailing list on
> the proposed modules. If you feel that something important hasn't been
> mentioned yet about a module, speak now ???by replying to the existing
> proposal thread / starting a seperate thread for the module.
> (Please do not reply to this generic email.)
> ???
> Maintainers: If you're a maintainer of a proposed module and some
> important things have changed, e.g. you have improved the "Gnome-ness"
> of your module[2] or reacted to feedback/criticism that had been given
> after you first proposed this:
> DO tell us about it now! It will improve your chances.
> According to the subpages of [1], the following modules have been
> proposed:
> Proposed Desktop Modules:
>       * brasero
>       * gnome-user-share
>       * evolution-mapi
> Proposed External Deps:
>       * libproxy
>       * unique
>       * Mono.Addins
>       * libgda
>       * libnotify
>       * notification-daemon
>       * libmapi
>       * samba4

Sorry for being late. We'd like to add telepathy-farsight[0] as an external
dependency for that for Empathy's voip support. Which itself depends on
farsight2[1] and indirectly on libnice[2] Currently it uses

Currently empathy uses telepathy-stream-engine, which uses farsight 1. Which is
at this point basically unsupported and unmaintained.


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