Time for the annual bugzilla statistics!


Once again time to take a quick look at what's been going on in GNOME
Bugzilla in 2008. Thanks to Olav for running the scripts.

Detailed information can be found at
Please keep in mind to not draw too many conclusions from these values.
Especially because some of them are obviously wrong. :-P

Some highlights from the main page are:

Overall statistics:
                                2008    2007    (2006)
  Open reports at the end(*):    37180   33967  (26942)
  Opened in that year:           59309  114043  (67543)
  Closed in that year:           56546  108807  (59006)
    (*): Excludes reports marked as enhancements
    [A valuable number of reports has also been blocked 
     by GNOME Bugzilla's auto-reject feature or went to 
     crash.gnome.org which is down since several months.]

The following people closed more than 2000 bugs in 2008:
  5094    Andre Klapper
  4980    Cosimo Cecchi
  3809    Gianluca Borello
  2414    Akhil Laddha
  2381    Philip Withnall

The following people reported more than 250 bugs in 2008:
   454    Pedro Villavicencio
   402    Sebastien Bacher
   386    Michael Monreal
   338    Bastien Nocera
   274    Christian Persch

The following people contributed more than 150 patches in 2008:
   483       Milan Crha
   214       Christian Persch
   187       Matthias Clasen
   171       Joanmarie Diggs
   155       Rich Burridge

The following people reviewed more than 200 patches in 2008:
   645      Srinivasa Ragavan
   628      Matthias Clasen
   344      Jürg Billeter
   248      Bastien Nocera
   240      Christian Persch
   233      Jens Granseuer                
   205      Sebastian Dröge

Like always, a little bit about the above people (please correct the
mistakes I've made in pointing out peoples' roles):

Cosimo Cecchi began writing code at the age of two, building a PIC
controller for his LEGO Technics race car. Nowadays he hacks on
nautilus, logview and Collabora.

Gianluca Borello is the second member of the Italian GNOME Bugsquad
conspiracy. He only stops triaging to study from time to time.

Akhil Laddha works for Novell on Evolution QA.

Philip Withnall works mostly on Totem and maintains Almanah and Hitori
when not travelling Chile.

...while Pedro Villavicencio is already in Chile. He forwards many
reports from Debian and Ubuntu, works for Canonical and also maintains
Hipo, an ipod management tool.

Sebastien Bacher packages a lot of software & also forwards lots of
Debian and Ubuntu reports. Working for Canonical.

Michael Monreal has been a long time GNOME contributor, helps in a lot
of ways and concentrates on both code and artwork patches.

Bastien Nocera works for Red Hat, maintains Totem, hacks on Bluetooth
stuff & many more bugzilla products.

Christian Persch is the maintainer of Epiphany. He's been contributing
all over the map (especially vte worth to mention in 2008) for a long

Milan Crha works for Red Hat on Evolution and never ever leaves his

Matthias Clasen maintains gtk+ and works on a bunch of other packages
for Red Hat. He also joined the GNOME Release Team in 2008.

Joanmarie Diggs works for Sun on accessibility (mostly Orca).

Rich Burridge worked on accessibility and now hacks on OpenSolaris for

Srinivasa Ragavan works for Novell and is the Evolution overall

Jürg Billeter develops and maintains Vala.

Jens Granseuer co-maintains gnome-control-center when not rebooting the
world economy.

Sebastian Dröge mostly hacks on GStreamer and works for Collabora.

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