Re: ANNOUNCE: Nanny 2.29.1 released

Nice! That's surely something needed. Will this somehow make its way
into GNOME as a Pessulus replacement, in due time? What are the plans
for making the two applications talk one each other, if ever?


Il giorno gio, 24/12/2009 alle 16.18 +0100, Contacto ha scritto:
> what is it?
> ===========
> Nanny is an easy way to control what your kids are doing in
> the computer. You can limit how much time a day each one of them is
> browsing the web, chatting or doing email. You can also decide at which
> times of the day the can do this things.
> Nanny filters what web pages are seen by each user, so you can
> block all undesirable webs and have your kids enjoy the internet
> with ease of mind, no more worries!

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