Re: Advice requested on deprecating AT-SPI/CORBA


Le mercredi 21 octobre 2009, à 12:57 -0400, Willie Walker a écrit :
> Hi All:
> We're slated to have the AT-SPI/D-Bus stuff in place for 2.29.2.
> Things are chugging away and looking positive.  I have some
> questions about some approaches we are going to take and would like
> some opinions and advice for how to do it better if your stomach is
> weakened by the proposed approaches.  In other words, speak up now
> before it's too late. ;-)

(Hrm, I'm obviously late ;-))

> Not launching both registryd's at once
> --------------------------------------


> As a potential solution, we can modify the AT-SPI/CORBA *.desktop
> file to key off of a new gconf key,
> /desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba. The existing
> /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility key will be used everywhere
> else as normal, but this new key will be used to specify whether the
> old or new infrastructure should be used.

Does this mean that the registryd will start and stay if the value of
at-spi-corba is true, but the value of accessibility is false?

> pyatspi
> -------


> As a possible solution, we can modify AT-SPI/CORBA 2.29.2 to install
> its pyatspi module under site-packages/pyatspi-corba/pyatspi and put
> a site-packages/pyatspi-corba.pth file in place.  The
> pyatspi-corba.pth file would prepend Python's sys.path with
> site-packages/pyatspi-corba if a new gconf key,
> /desktop/gnome/interface/at-spi-corba (the same one described
> above), was True.  This is admittedly a big hack, but the thinking
> is that we really only want this scaffolding in place until we
> finally pull the plug in AT-SPI/CORBA.

I see that this is implemented with a gconftool-2 call in
pyatspi-corba.pth. As you point out, this is a big hack :-) My main
worry here is that every time python is started, this is called. It's
probably not that much of an issue if this is happening from within a
GNOME session, but I wouldn't want scripts run by sysadmins to have
this, for example.

I can't think of a much better hack right now, but this is probobably
something we should investigate...


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