Re: Signalling when the desktop is loaded

Cody Russell wrote:

> So I was talking briefly to vuntz in irc yesterday about wanting to have
> some kind of mechanism to find out when the desktop session is ready
> (ie, not once Nautilus and panel are launched, but when they are
> actually pretty usable and done loading stuff).
> In terms of the panel, vuntz suggested maybe adding a signal in
> panel_applet_queue_initial_unhide_toplevels() under org.gnome.Panel.
> In Nautilus there is FMDesktopIconView "end_loading" signal that seems
> to work well.
> It would be nice to have a single signal that could be emitted once both
> of these are finished, so I wanted to post here and see what others
> think and get suggestions on where this might be done.

I don't know your precise usecase, but perhaps gnome-session could
signal over D-Bus when it changes phase ?  (it already has a
SessionRunning signal, sent once it's done)


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