Non-Ported Bugzilla Features (WAS Re: Bugzilla Upgrade Scheduled For August 15-16)

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
Maybe a good idea to tell everyone which features have not been ported
yet. Otherwise you get a lot of  mails which say something is not
working which used to work

	Good idea! Here's the list of what has NOT been ported forward:

	* Canned responses
	* The simple-dup-finder (possibly obsoleted by traceparser?)
	* Patch/Keyword emblems in buglists
	* Automatically unsetting NEEDINFO when a responder replies.
	* Editing attachment status from show_bug.cgi
	* Boogle (the QuickSearch enhancements)
	* describeuser.cgi
	* Everything in reports/
	* The Simple Bug Filing Form
	* The custom home page
	* The custom layout of the login box for
	* Changes to the attachment list layout
	* The infomessages on show_bug.cgi.
	* The Points System
	* Displaying all HTML lists of products grouped by Classification
	* Everything in utils/ on the Bugzilla server.
	* Changes to duplicates.cgi
	Also, we were going to make a new favicon, but we haven't yet.

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