How to pause Vino?

To all who are familiar with Vino:

I would like to be able to "pause and resume" the Vino VNC server.  By
this I mean stopping and starting Vino's updates of the screen, without
disrupting any connected clients.  While the server is paused, it should
retain its most recent buffer, and new clients connected during a pause
should be provided with that buffer.  In other words, the network should
not be paused.

I do not believe Vino has this capability, but I would be happy to be

My goal (for my particular use case) is to make it possible for users to
pause the server, take a private action not seen by the clients, and then
resume public visibility.

At a first glance through the codebase, it looks like it would be
sufficient to make vino_fb_poll_screen and vino_fb_xdamage_idle_handler
check a "paused" flag, and return early if it's true.  The question is:
how should I set this flag?  The best option I can think of is to add a
D-Bus method to pause and unpause, but other suggestions are welcome.

Ben Schwartz
Sugar Labs

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