What version of clutter should be used in 2.27/2.28?

The 2.27 external dependencies page still lists clutter 0.8.x as the
supported version of clutter to be used with GNOME.


However, clutter 1.0 and clutter-foo 0.10 have recently been released.
Will the dependencies page be updated to the new versions, or are the
0.8 versions still recommended for GNOME 2.27/2.28?

If so...

I know that gobject-introspection is an optional dependency of clutter
1.0, so will gobject-introspection also be added as a dependency?  Since
GNOME 2.28 was called a "GNOME 3.0 beta" at GUADEC and since GNOME shell
requires that clutter be built with gobject-introspection, I wonder
whether the GNOME community recommends that distros build clutter 1.0
with gobject-introspection or not.



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