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Hi guys,
As for Zeitgeist and GNOME Zeitgeist. The engine has been released as 0.2 and we are working on the 0.3 should be done by end of august i hope!
GNOME Zeitgeist should be released very soon too (2 weeks from now)! Having trouble with my notebook and so on but i think i can get things going bakc on trakc soon.

GNOME Zeitgeist will just be the journal view while Zeitgeist will be an event-aggregation hub. We are trying to plan a Zeitgeist hackfest for november so GNOME devs can patch their apps to send their events to the Zeitgeist engine! That should be a big step towards 3.0 if you ask me.

When talking about GNOME 3.0 can someone get in touch with the Tracker guys and see when they will release their storage? Same way KDE uses Soprano as their central meta data storage! I think GNOME should do the same with Tracker! From the Zeitgeist side its nto a big deal where we store as long as we can deliver!

2009/8/4 Paul Cutler <pcutler gnome org>
Hello developers!  It's time to start working on the release notes for the upcoming GNOME 2.27 / 2.28 release.

Please add your notes to this page for changes to applications in GNOME 2.28:

These just need to be bullet points, nothing fancy, and the release notes team will follow up if additional detail is needed.

In addition to what's new for users, I am hoping for detailed information for developers with all the cleanup done in libraries for GNOME 3.0.  Speaking of 3.0, any advice on how we start talking about GNOME 3.0 / GNOME Shell / Zeitgeist etc in the "Plans for next release" section.

A big thank you to the Hamster team for already including new features.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.



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