Re: intltool move

On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 03:59 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le dimanche 19 avril 2009, à 15:25 -0400, Rodney Dawes a écrit :
> > The intltool product on is now closed for new
> > reports, and the SVN module was moved over to svn-archive before the
> > transition to git. The latest intltool code is already in a
> > bzr branch on Launchpad (lp:intltool) and, all new bugs should be
> > reported at from now on. There are
> > still a few open bugs in bugzilla, which Danilo or myself will deal
> > with as appropriate, by fixing, moving, or closing as wontfix.
> Going to, I get:
> "intltool does not use Launchpad as its bug tracker."

Doh. Sorry about that. Should be fixed now.


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