R: git migration - svn:externals

Hi Owen,

I'm not entirely sure (bazaar user here), however I think
that git has the notion of submodules:


Messaggio originale----
>Da: jhs jsschmid de
>Data: 23-apr-2009 8.06 AM
>A: "Owen Taylor"<otaylor redhat com>
>Cc: "desktop-devel-list"<desktop-
devel-list gnome org>
>Ogg: git migration - svn:externals
>svn:externals are not migrated at all. That breaks anjuta-extras module
>(b.g.o #579867) and gtkmm (fixed by duplicating files now).
>Is there anything we can do to fix it? Duplicating files is a quite weak
>and ugly solution.

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