Re: eggsmclient code syncing

В Срд, 08/04/2009 в 14:38 -0400, Matthias Clasen пишет:
> Hey,
> while playing with the almost-working session saving in gnome-session
>, we discovered a bug in the EggSMClient code that is saving
> the state into .desktop files (it doesn't actually produce working
> .desktop files).
> While this is not really important (it only breaks the use case that
> you can copy a .desktop file out of the session-state/ directory and
> use it to start the client in the exact same state), it might be a
> good idea to sync the eggsmclient code in the modules that use it for
> 2.26.1, which seems to be at least the following:
> gnome-terminal
> gedit
> seahorse
> gnome-games
> gnome-session
> totem
> evince
> file-roller
> brasero
> nautilus

Done in Evince

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