New module for 2.28: gnome-bluetooth


This is a proposal for gnome-bluetooth to be integrated in the Desktop
release for GNOME 2.28

Purpose: Device management for Bluetooth devices
Target: Desktop (Linux-only)
Dependencies: to achieve a full feature set: nautilus-sendto, BlueZ 4.34
(plus a few patches), obex-data-server, gvfs obexftp backend, obexd
Resource usage: Everything is hosted on the GNOME servers (bugzilla,
SVN, source downloads, "website"), mailing-list is the historical
gnome-bluetooth mailing on Edd Dumbhill's servers
Adoption: Right now only Fedora, I expect it to replace bluez-gnome in
all the distributions for the next versions
GNOME-ness: very :)
License: GPLv2+ for the applications, LGPLv2+ for the widget library

More information at:


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