GNOME 3.0 Schedule draft; Streamlining of the Platform.


a draft for the GNOME 2.27 & 2.29 schedule is now available at .

The schedule also includes a plan to clean up the platform by getting
rid of deprecated modules.
Maintainers can see the GNOME 3 readiness of their modules on Frederic's
awesome status page at .
Comments & discussion welcome.

      * 2.30.0 is planned to be 3.0.0, if the QA agrees (For a general
        GNOME 3 debate, please see other threads like Vincent's recent
        posting at and ). I don't plan to cover everything+1 in this schedule, it's just that I concentrated on platform streamlining.)
      * Only two maintenance releases for 2.28.x
      * Early module freeze for 2.30
      * More & earlier 2.29.x releases than normally (better testing)
      * Two weeks hardcode freeze before 2.30.0 - late release at the
        last day of march 2010
      * Still to discuss: dconf vs gconf. This is not yet covered by
        this plan, but crucial to discuss (as gconf depends on Bonobo) -
        robtaylor and/or desrt will probably elaborate its current
      * Still to discuss: a11y plan for GNOME3 - see

Already know some 2.28 plans for the module you maintain?
Add them to now!

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