Re: GNOME 2.25 Schedule (Draft)

Hi Andre,

Just after a release seems like a great time to start a process to
define some longer term goals for GNOME 3.0/2.30 in 18 months time -
would the release team be interested in opening a consultation period
now, for a couple of months, and then picking one or two over-arching
themes for a drive to 3.0 and going into some detail as to how we could
get those achieved (which features are needed, for which applications,
what new applications are needed)?

I'd be delighted to have some major new themes which are transversal to
the desktop that we could trumpet with 3.0.


Andre Klapper wrote:
> Hej folks!
> A draft for the GNOME 2.25 schedule is now available at
> .
> Comments are welcome.
> Already know some 2.26 plans for the module you maintain?
> Add them to !
> andre

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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