Re: Prompting for passwords on the desktop?

> This is kind of silly; I have to type a complex keyboard combination in
> order to input a password?  That is annoying.  Additionally, switching

It makes a lot of sense in some environments and not a lot of sense in
many others.

> VTs in Linux is usually slow; more annoyance.  Expect some resistance on
> this "feature".

Actually our VT switching is incredibly fast, the X VT switching is slow
and much of that is because you have to spend time waiting for PLLs to
stabilize and the like not because of bad code.

You wouldn't need VT switching for SAK/trusted path anyway.

> Besides, my user account being compromised is 99% as bad as the root
> account being compromised, IMHO.

Again depends on the environment. On a home system if something is
stealing your password the box is probably compromised. On a multi-user
or shared system its quite likely another legitimate user who has not
compromised the box is the cause.


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