GTK roadmap notes

GTK+ 2.14 will be released in a few days. This seems like a good time
to send out an update on the GTK+ 3 plans.

Once the 2.14 release has happened, we will branch off a 2.90 branch.
Development towards 2.16 will proceed on trunk, in parallel to the 2.90

The goal is to have a 2.16 release by next summer (traditionally targeting
Guadec). The following features are already under development and will likely
land in 2.16:
- support for icons in entries
- better handling of invisible characters
- flippable boxes, separators, etc
- resolution independence/font scaling
- complete offscreen window support
- extended layout (width-for-height)
- a tool palette widget
- a simple list api

The 2.90 release will be feature-wise equivalent to 2.16, with structure
contents being completely sealed and deprecated 2.x interfaces removed.
2.90 will be installable in parallel with 2.16.

After the 2.16/2.90 releases, GTK+ 2.x will continue to be supported by
bug-fix releases on the 2.16 branch, while the 2.90 branch will move ahead
with new feature development, leading to a GTK+ 3 release further down the

For more details on the work towards 2.90 and beyond, see We will also add more GTK+ 3 information
to the GTK+ website ( in the coming weeks.

The GTK+ team

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