Re: Getting a list of open files, the smart way?

> Hi,
> I have made a quite simple patch for bug 528559[0], it makes the quite
> useless "drive is being used" dialog into a list of applications using
> such drive[1].
> I'm using a little hack with lsof, but it's not really reliable, like
> when process names are too long. I checked libgtop quickly but the
> lack of documentation didn't help.
> So, I'm writing to get some clues about this, any advice? My main
> problem is to do something like "tell me which files in device $d are
> in use, and tell me the executable for the process using such file"

system-monitor has this using libgtop. feel free to steal the code. i'll
answer all your technical questions.

Benoît Dejean <benoit placenet org>

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