Re: Quotation marks: Using =?UTF-8?B?4oCc4oCdIGluc3RlYWQgb2YgIiI=?=

O/H BJörn Lindqvist έγραψε:
On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 2:19 PM, Christian Neumair <cneumair gnome org> wrote:
Alex Jones proposed [1] to change the quotation marks in Nautilus
 strings from the ASCII representation "..." to the unicode variant

 I think the proposed quotation marks are aesthetically more pleasing,
 but I don't want to change this unless there is a GNOME-wide policy.

 I hereby propose to establish a GNOME policy of using "..." for
 quotations. Comments, objections?

Great idea!
I blogged about it at
There might be some further input.

My main concern is how systems such as FreeBSD with GNOME behave (apparently they use non-UTF8 encodings). I did not manage to duplicate the behaviour on Ubuntu, so if someone has a system with legacy 8-bit encoding, could you please check?


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