Re: gnome-panel logout menu

2008-05-12 klockan 18:55 skrev Karl Lattimer:
> I'm just looking into building gnome-main-menu for fedora 9, I noticed
> the lack of an actual exit function callable via the command line,
> instead I can call gnome-session-save --kill to log out, but only log
> out.
> I looked through the gnome-panel source code to find out how the panel
> calls the shutdown/hibernate etc... functions and find out that it is
> built into the panel. It is also not available in the devel package as a
> method callable by external applications.
> It seems ludicrous to me that in order to build a replacement panel
> menu, a completely new implementation of the logout screen must be
> created. Is it not possible therefore to expose panel-logout in the
> header files along side similar functions e.g. connect to server and
> possibly other panel actions?

Debian includes a gnome-panel-logout binary to provide the logout dialog as
a standalone program.  It makes much sense to get this upstream.

Look at the patches in the Debian package for gnome-panel [1] (notably the
one in experimental; see the .diff.gz [2] available from [3].

  mvrgr, Wouter

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