Gnome Games 2.22.3

This is the final service release for 2.22 series. We have all worked to back-
port fixes from trunk; especially those that cause crashers.

  - Fix allocator/deallocator mismatch. (Yanko Kaneti, Christian Persch, Bug

  - Don't disable load button on load dialog as we cannot tell if the user has
    selected a valid file (Robert Ancell, Bug #540527)
  - Handle empty combo boxes in the preferences dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug
  - Disable network controls when disconnected (Robert Ancell, Bug #523818)
  - Backport trap ImportError and give the user and helpful message about their
    installation being broken (Jason Clinton)
  - Backport the sys.path fixes from trunk. (Jason Clinton) 

Gnome Sudoku:
  - Backport redraw() crash fixes from trunk (Jason Clinton)

Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle, Vladimir Melo, Clytie Siddall, Christian Kirbach,
Mario Blättermann

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