Re: External Deps for GNOME 2.24 - shared-mime-info from 0.22 to 0.40

Il giorno ven, 27/06/2008 alle 08.45 -0300, Jonh Wendell ha scritto:
> Em Sex, 2008-06-27 às 10:52 +0200, Luca Ferretti escreveu:
> > shared-mime-info 0.40 finally implements the "icon" and "generic-icon"
> > support.
> > 
> > This is needed in glib/gio in order to have a fallback icon for
> > mimetypes (example: you have a 7zip file, your icon theme don't provide
> > an icon for this MIME, your application will use the "package-x-generic"
> > icon). This is a must have for Nautilus, file chooser widgets and any
> > other MIME<->icon related stuff.
> > 
> > OK to update?
> hmmm, is this update going to fix
> ?

It should, while I don't know if we need code changes in Nautilus.

By now here is this in glib/gio

2008-06-09  Matthias Clasen  <mclasen redhat com>

        * gcontenttype.c (g_content_type_get_icon): Use icons specified
        in the shared mime database, if available.

        * xdgmime/*: Sync with upstream. This brings support for
        glob weights, generic icons, and changes the cache format to 
        version 1.1.

and all entries from shared-mime-info are like:

        <mime-type type="application/mac-binhex40">
          <_comment>Macintosh BinHex-encoded file</_comment>
          <generic-icon name="package-x-generic"/>
          <magic priority="50">
            <match type="string" value="must be converted with BinHex" offset="11"/>

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