Re: Proposed external dep: PolicyKit

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 03:50 +0100, Richard Hughes wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-06-18 at 10:39 +0200, Frederic Crozat wrote:
> > I'm currently trying to prepare 2.23.4 GNOME release and it seems you
> > have enforced usage of policy-gnome in latest gnome-power-manager by
> > default, since --gconf-defaults is enabled by default and it requires
> > policykit-gnome.
> Ahh, guilty as charged, accidental, apologies.
> > Could you try to change that to be optional or detected automatically
> > at build time ?
> Sure, I'm at the Red Hat summit for the next few days, but I can fix
> this after the weekend - if you want to jump in and do it for me, just
> commit -- I trust you! :)

Going off topic a bit: It would be really nice if PolicyKit had a proper
web page and mailing list. It's too important for information on it to
be so fragmented.

murrayc murrayc com

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