Re: FW: Looking for design advice

2008/6/18 Frank W. Miller <mail frankwmiller net>:
> This email will likely be way off topic, but maybe not, given some of the
> discussions I've seen on a "Gnome 3.0", whatever that may turn out to be.


> Like I said, this may be way off topic and so if noone's interested that's
> ok but I'd sure be interested in any thoughts on this since this community
> obviously knows something about GUI design.  Please don't just say "why are
> you doing this?"  I'm seriously looking for constructive advice.

Sounds a lot like GTK+ on top of Cairo. The main difference is that
GTK+ does not allow you to treat shapes like widgets so you have to
fall back and use a third party canvas widgets.

Patryk Zawadzki
PLD Linux Distribution

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