Re: jhbuild status for 2.23.x

> - gnome-session doesn't seem to work. When logging in it just hangs and
> I see a zombie gnome-login-sound(?) process. Tried running gconf-editor
> to turn off the sound server but that didn't help.
I also had this when rebuilding building GNOME from source. It now
works again :-)

What happened was the following. GVFS was somehow compiled with
HAVE_HAL_FAST_INIT equals 1. This meant that
libhal_get_all_devices_with_properties was available. However jhbuild
installls hal 0.5.10 and libhal_get_all_devices_with_properties is
only available in 0.5.11. My ~/.xsession-errors contained an error of
gnome-panel which made a call where
libhal_get_all_devices_with_properties was not found.

Upgrading to hal 0.5.11 fixed everything for me


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