Re: Future of GNOME: Semantics


Thanks for your reply.

lør, 14 06 2008 kl. 23:31 +0100, skrev John Carr:

> One problem that you've skipped over is how Conduit learned to speak
> to the device in the first place. In this case i've written glue to
> link SynCE and Conduit, i would surely ship an AirSync ontology with
> Conduit, or get one shipped with SynCE, rather than depend on internet
> access to dynamically look one up?

Sure, it was just meant as an example.

It would apply equally when the destination is not a phone, but a
different application on your computer or a web service, where transport
is likely to be standard but the file format may be non-standard.

> I think this might be nice for the formats and conversions problem,
> but it doesn't do anything for the transport problem. A generic dbus
> interface that we could badger applications to implement, or implement
> our selves via addins, would mean applications like Conduit could
> benefit without transport glue needing writing specifically for it.
> That combined with your solution for format conversion would be
> awesome.

The solution I'm looking at myself at the moment is that of having a
shared RDF repository for the whole system. Applications would then
store their metadata there and other applications would be able to
retrieve it with a simple SPARQL (SQL for RDF, roughly speaking) query.

Anders Feder <lists anders feder dk>

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