Re: gtk-doc broken in jhbuild


Tim Janik schrieb:
On Fri, 6 Jun 2008, Stefan Kost wrote:

Tim Janik schrieb:
On Thu, 5 Jun 2008, Stefan Kost wrote:

Hmm, I am not getting this anywhere: gnome-doc-utils should be build just one step before. Could you check if it got updated?

$ ./mybuild build -t gnome-doc-utils
+ cd /usr/src/gtk+head
+ exec nice -n18 jhbuild -f /usr/src/gtk+head/mybuildrc build -t gnome-doc-utils
jhbuild build: gnome-doc-utils not in module list

this is for the gtk+.module.

Okay problem found. Can you get it fixed?

Not really, no.
The problem (at least in my eyes) is that gtk-doc now has
a hard dependency on gnome-doc-utils, that should simply be lifted.

It has not. If you build from a tar-ball its fine. But if you build from vcs it has. Its a known problem with boot-stapping. Only know-to-me workaround would be to add m4/gnome-doc-utils.m4 to svn. Dunno what other projects do here? But switching to gnome-doc-utils was the only way to get the gtk-doc user-manaual on

Anyone a good idea?




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