New late module proposal for 2.24


Prelimary note: I had originally intended to make a module proposal
for Gnome 2.26 and I know that the date for new module proposal is
already passed but some people asked me if I could still propose for
2.24 (for Anjuta), and the code stabilized quickly than I had
initially anticipated, so here it is.

I would like to propose the Libgda library (the upcoming V4 version)
as part of the 2.24 Developer Platform. Libgda is a C library which
offers an abstracted way of accessing data sources (mostly databases,
like ODBC or JDBC) through a (hopefully) clean and simple API (a C++
wrapper is also maintained by the people at Openismus)

Libgda only depends on GLib 2 (glib, gobject, gthread, and gmodule)
and LibXML 2, so it would not introduce any new dependency. It can use
some other libraries if found (such as Gio or Gnome-VFS, libxslt) but
does not depend on them.

Libgda is currently hosted in the Gnome SVN (libgda module), version
tarballs are in the Gnome FTP, and bugs are managed in Gnome

About adoption, Libgda will probably be used by Anjuta and Gnucash and
is currently used by Glom.

Libgda is internationalized ( and
has a decent user documentation

The main target platform is Linux but it also works on Win32 and MacOS

Data bound widgets relying on Libgda and using GTK+ are in the
Libgnomedb library, which is not yet ready for inclusion in the
developer platform.

You can find more at (even though some updates
are in order to reflect the V4 changes).



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