Gnome Games 2.23.3

gnome-games 2.23.3

This development release incorporates a few critical bugfixes. No new features
over the previous 2.23.1 have been added.

  - Set AM_MAINTAINER_MODE (Josselin Mouette, Andreas Røsdal, bug #53255)
  - Stop distributing generated (Robert Ancell)
  - Add the new parameter --with-ggz-server=force (Josselin Mouette, Andreas
    Røsdal, bug #532555)
  - Drop server configuration files to ggzdconfdir (Josselin Mouette, Andreas
    Røsdal, bug #532553)

Sudoku and GLChess:
  - Fix our Python sys.path usage to make it easier to package for distros
    and possible to run directly out of the build directory for developers
    (Jason Clinton, Josselin Mouette, Robert Ancell, bug #528953, bug #524665)
  - Open files in binary mode so they work in Windows. (Robert Ancell)
  - Massive GGZ multiplayer fixups (Robert Ancell)

  - Remove Minoru Climb.

  - Don't crash on double click (Christian Persch, Vincent Povirk, bug #443307)

Jonh Wendell, Vladimir Melo, Clytie Siddall, Vincent van Adrighem, Djihed Afifi,
Tino Meinen, Kjartan Maraas, Petr Kovar, Lucas Lommer, Priit Laes, Ivar Smolin

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