Proposal: enable accessibility by default for GNOME

Hi All:

I recently had a nice discussion with the release team about the viability of enabling accessibility (i.e., the AT-SPI infrastructure) by default for GNOME. As a result of that discussion, I'm approaching the broader GNOME community with a proposal to do this. :-)

Accessibility has currently enabled by default for development builds since 2.17 (, so there has hopefully been a fair amount of testing-in-the-large with it already. We also recently got rid of one of the last obviously nasty things it was doing -- gnome-session no longer pops up that annoying "the at-spi infrastructure didn't start" window.

So, I'd like to open the idea of enabling accessibility by default for GNOME 2.24. Digging back to bug #362457, which is where we enabled a11y for development builds, I *think* the thing to do is modify libgnome's (see Here's a pseudo patch:

-if test $(( $(echo $LIBGNOME_MINOR_VERSION) %2)) = "1"; then
-    A11Y_ENABLED=true
-    A11Y_ENABLED=false

This would ultimately result in schemas/desktop_gnome_interface.schemas enabling accessibility by default.



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