Re: Freedesktop sound theme support in gnome-control-center trunk

On 28 Jul 2008, at 00:54, Bastien Nocera wrote:

- "Play system beep sound" (this enables the audible bell in X)

Ideas for better strings welcome.

OS X calls this the "alert" sound-- perhaps we could do the same? (Or "desktop alert", or "system alert"-- but having to put "system" in front of a noun in the GUI is usually a bad sign...)

Incidentally, from the screenshot alone[1] I'm a little confused... are the "system beep" checkbox and the "audible bell" list entry controlling the same thing, and if so, why do I get to control it in two different places, in two different ways, with two different names?

Incidentally again, always a little disappointing when usability-maint gnome bugs aren't cc'ed on bugs like this so we at least have the chance to give some input from the start... nothing personal, just a gentle reminder to everyone :)



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