GnomeVFS to GVFS migration guide

Hi all,

Googling around a bit I have been unable to locate a migration guide for
switching from GnomeVFS to GVFS. If we are to make large changes to API,
modules etc... then it is important that we include adequate documentation
in our library. I think that in future any changes like this need to have
guides added to in order to prevent
causing problems for developers. If there is a guide available then can
somebody please add it to the library, if there isn't I would be much
appreciative if someone could write one (unfortunately I'm too short on
time) and publish it in the appropriate place.

I think at this point we should consider developing our documentation ready
for 3.0 so developers have a place where they can get involved, learn about
the changes and help ensure that developers continue to maintain their
software in appropriate time with the GNOME releases.

Some suggested documentation;

 * Custom widget guides e.g. composite widgets, derived widgets, popup
widgets like context menus and custom widgets from scratch
 * Developing GtkBuilder compatible widgets
 * Panel applet development guide
 * Using dialogs and creating custom dialogs
 * Adding printing support to your application
 * Localising your application
 * Creating a plugin system for your application
 * Using GConf
 * Various guides regarding keying into available data sources and useful
services, e.g. EDS and GNOME Keyring

and of course...

 * The aforementioned GnomeVFS to GVFS migration guide

Other migration guides could be added although I can't think of any right

I have created this as a page on live; please feel free
to edit and contribute to this page, provide links to documents already
existing in the halls of the intertubes so we can accumulate any already
existing documentation onto library.


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