New maintainer needed for tsclient

Hi All,
I wrote the Terminal Server Client for GNOME about 6 years ago.  It is a front-end for rdesktop, vncviewer, ica client, xdmcp, etc.  It enjoyed active development for a couple of years, but has been pretty stagnant for 3+ years at this point.  I don't have the time to maintain it anymore and am looking for a new maintainer that will pick it up, dust it off and keep it alive.
I have moved the project to SourceForge to insure availability, but it should be on the GNOME servers.  There isn't much that needs to be done with it - it works fairly well and keeping it fairly simple makes sense (I think).  There are a few patches that exist and updated or new translations.  There aren't many bugs, but a lot of feature requests.  It would be nice to hook into GNOME KeyRing to save passwords, but other than that, it doesn't take much, just someone who will commit to the maintenance and occasional releases.
If you're interested in picking this up, contact me and I will get it turned over.
Erick Woods
erickwoods -at- hotmail -dot- com

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