Re: Where to put X-GNOME-Bugzilla-ExtraInfoScript?


Make that $(libexecdir) in the Makefile, and Debian will be happy as
well as the rest of us ;)

I'd like to make you and the rest happy but as somebody who just
copies Makefiles and configure scripts of other projects I'm afraid I
need a bit more explanation

$(libexecdir) is a smarter place to put scripts/programs that are not
intended for the end-user to run.  In other words, this is a good
place to put programs that are normally run by other programs.

Note when you run configure you can specify --libexecdir to specify
where such programs should be installed.  Some distros choose to
install libexecdir stuff to /usr/lib, which can be accomplished by
running configure with --libexecdir=/usr/lib.


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