Re: Requiring DOAP instead of MAINTAINERS file

2008-01-18 klockan 09:49 skrev Olav Vitters:
> Summary: I'd like replace the MAINTAINERS requirement by doap files.
> Comments welcome.

(I'm replying to the initial message since this is a reply to the thread as a

The main issue seems to be the "ugliness" of the DOAP format. Well, DOAP is
just a small ontology based on RDF, and RDF has many syntaxes, RDF-XML being
just one. Additionally, the same information, i.e. all (subject, predicate,
object) triples in a graph, can be serialized into different RDF-XML
representation. RDF-XML is by no means a canonical representation.

But let's get back to my first note: RDF-XML is just one of many RDF
representations. May I suggest Turtle [1] (or N3 [2], but I prefer Turtle for
various reasons).

The description of a project will then look something like the example below.
Note that this is valid Turtle syntax---copy/paste at [3] to check.

  @prefix xml: <> .
  @prefix rdf: <> .
  @prefix dc: <> .
  @prefix doap: <> .
  @prefix foaf: <> .

    a doap:Project ;
    doap:name "Clutter" ;
    doap:shortname "clutter" ;
    doap:created "2006-11-18" ;
    doap:shortdesc "Clutter is an OpenGL based interface library"@en,
                   "Clutter is een OpenGL-gebaseerde interfacebibliotheek"@nl ;

    doap:homepage <> ;
    doap:download-page <> ;
    doap:license <> ;
    doap:bug-database <> ;
    doap:mailing-list <mailto:clutter+subscribe o-hand com> ;

    doap:os "Linux" ;
    doap:programming-language "C" ;

    doap:repository [
      a doap:SVNRepository ;
      doap:browse <> ;
      doap:location <>
    ] .

Personally I think this is better for human editors than RDF-XML.

Feedback welcome.

  mvrgr, Wouter

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