Allow for spellchecking in more than one language


I have recently opened this bug in language-selector in Ubuntu Launchpad. I didn't know whether that was the right place or not, and thought this mailing list was a good place to get my suggestion seen.

I'm a Spanish speaker and so is everyone else who uses my computer, so I like my system to be in Spanish. I and my bunch just feel more comfortable that way.

However, I often find myself doing stuff in English, like posting to these forums, chatting on IRC or taking notes in Tomboy. What's more, I often have to switch between both languages once and again.

I wish there was an easy method to select one (or better, more than one) spell dictionaries that were independent of your system language.

I have made a mockup how how this idea could be implemented: the interface of the language selector would be the same, only with a second "spell check" column. Only languages with their first column checked (that is, installed languages) would have their second column available, all others would have the second checkbox greyed out.

In the mockup English, Esperanto and Estonian are installed but only English and Estonian have spell checking activated. Esperanto is available as a system language but words won't be checked in Esperanto. About Zdongkha and Faroese, they're not even installed so the spellcheck checkbox is greyed out.

By default, only the default language would be checked for spellcheck. But the user could easily check other languages.

What do you think of it?

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