adding guile and autogen as external dependencies?


I got a bug report today against jhbuild, as gnome-games is missing a
dependency on guile (this is #510066).  I also found autogen, which is
required by anjuta, had not been added to external deps.

They are both defined in gnome-2.22.modules:

  <tarball id="guile" version="1.8.0">
    <source href="";
            size="3691677" md5sum="3f47443602f93e94bf43218d9b86099d"/>

  <tarball id="autogen" version="5.8.4">
    <source href="";
            size="931015" md5sum="b65d4b9e3ddbcfd5418b708858c05b66"/>
      <dep package="guile"/>

What to do about them ?  Should they be moved to external deps, or do
they have some kind of special status ?


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