Unifying the logout dialog, session management thoughts


since the logout/shutdown dialog boxes have been in gnome-panel, there
is a double inconsistency across the desktop:
      * unsynchronized code duplication for GDM integration, and the
        same could arise for g-p-m communication code;
      * UI inconsistency between the default logout dialog (spawned by
        the panel) and the gnome-session dialog (e.g. triggered by g-p-m
        when you hit the power button).

I have submitted patches for the panel (bug#507391) and g-p-m
(bug#507393) to fix the UI inconsistency by creating a
gnome-panel-logout binary, which can be called from other applications.

This is an easy improvement and it fixes the most visible issue, but the
long-term solution is probably more than that. It occurred to me that
all the code to interact with GDM and g-p-m has nothing to do in the
panel: it is not panel-specific, and it is used only for the logout
dialog. It would make much sense to split it in a separate module.

Add to that the fact that the main use of libgnomeui currently, after
having ported important widgets to GTK+, is GnomeClient which still has
no replacement, and we have what would make a consistent module which
would also help to deprecate libgnomeui in many modules where it is
still used. It would contain:
      * code to interact with the session manager;
      * code to interact with GDM;
      * code to interact with g-p-m;
      * code to interact with the screensaver.

And that’s the end of the painful maintenance of various bits and pieces
of code scattered around different modules. These things are probably
too specific to go in GTK+ (not counting the dbus dependency), so that
means a new module.

As for the logout dialog itself, it could be:
      * a widget contained in this library that would be called from all
        applications needing it; this would ease screen management and
        good integration to the various applications.
      * It could also be a specific binary, which allows using GtkUnique
        to guarantee there is only one logout dialog, as currently both
        g-session and g-panel ensure separately.

Thoughts anyone?
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