Fosdem 2008 - Call for talks

Hi everyone, and happy new year  ;)

As for the last few years, we'll have a GNOME devroom at FOSDEM (23/24
feb in Brussels), and as always, we're looking for people who want to
give talks in that devroom.

This year, the half day dedicated to cross desktop talks has been
extended to cover the whole Sunday, though talks that are appropriate
for that day go from talks about actual cross desktop topics to talks
which are gnome/kde specific but can be of interested to the other

Devroom talks are 30/35 minute long talks presenting one aspect of the
GNOME community you care about. This can be a technical talk about a
library you're hacking on, but you can also give a talk about how to
market GNOME at big events, or about how to get involved in the
translation project, ... In short, you can talk about whatever you
want as long as it's about GNOME!

Like last year, you'll find all the information you want about our
devroom on However,if you want to
give a talk, please don't add yourself to the schedule. Send me an
email instead describing your talk and the slot(s) you'd like to have,
and add that information to the "Presenters and their presentation" on
the wiki.

If you aren't giving a talk but are coming, please let us now at ! This is helpful in case
we print shirts or name tags.

Please send your talk proposals before Sunday 27 January. As always,
the sooner is the better wrt organisation.

Hope to see you all in Brussels, cheers,


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