Re: GNOME 2.22 module inclusion discussions heat up.

On Fri, 2007-12-21 at 01:36 +0100, Vincent Untz wrote:
> > What about "gvfs"? It's needed by nautilus (by now the only GIO-enabled
> > application) if you want to browse something different from your local
> > file system. I'm sure Alex proposed it...
> I now remember him proposing it, but it seems he didn't update the wiki
> page. That's bad :-) Anyway, he sent a mail to fix this.
> > Also note that gdm trunk now requires the "gnome-settings-daemon"
> > package, recently added to svn. Note also that gnome-control-center yet
> > provides a gnome-settings-daemon program, but I don't know if and how
> > those are related.
> It was my understanding that both gnome-control-center and gdm would use
> the same g-s-d. Any control center people having more information about
> this?

Note that you can also add totem-pl-parser to the list of modules needed
by the Desktop release, as it's needed by Totem.


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